Curtain Selection: Right Way To Select Fabric For Curtains In Living Room?

How to do curtain selection for your living room ? Is there any right way to possibly do that ?

What kind of fabric you should choose? This is what we will discuss today here in detail.

Now “curtain selection” curtain fabric, the color of the fabric, all these are crucial factors of interior designing. Every single detail matters when you are doing interiors of your house. You can possibly miss a lot of minute details, as it gets really intimidating if you are not sure what you want exactly.

And the curtain is that important design element of interior design that can completely change the overall look of the place. It’s powerful. So kind of important for you to be very careful while doing the curtain selection.

And you are here because you are looking for the solution for the same, do not worry, you will find out soon what you are looking for. Just keep reading. And if reading is not something you are interested in, you can check out the video in which I talk about everything in detail. You will get a clear and better picture of everything through video.

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First, we need to figure out what type of room we have, Sharing different types of rooms that can help you with the curtain selection initially. Design, Pattern, Texture, and Style comes later in the picture, which I will be covering in another article. Kindly lookout for the same.


Rooms, where sunlight is a sharp and heavy, thick, and durable fabric, should be used in such rooms so that it goes a long way. Because usually what happens is, extreme sunlight fades the fabric.

Try and avoid using fabric that has embroidery and thread work. When embroidery and thread work fades it becomes clearly visible and can make your curtains look very dull and ugly. So go with solid and opaque material that is thick and durable.

Silk and cotton fabric can be used in such rooms. Preferably I would recommend going with cotton fabric because it will be more durable and also cost-efficient.


In rooms where you get minimal sunlight, sheer curtains can be used in such rooms. Now, what is a sheer curtain? The sheer curtain is not opaque/solid, sheer curtain is transparent and usually see-through. The best thing about sheer curtains is that they are extremely lightweight, not bulky or heavy.

Sheer curtain makes small rooms look brighter, bigger, and more spacious. Using solid curtains with solid colors will make a small room look even smaller and compact.

There are three types of fabric in sheer curtains – silk, cotton and synthetic. I would again recommend to go with cotton sheers, as they are more cost-efficient and cotton fabric is usually more durable than other fabrics. But again if you want to go with other fabrics and you have a budget, go with them at your own risk.


In rooms with big windows, you have to use big curtains and you need to cover the maximum area with curtains because these are spaces where you get a lot of light and there is no other option than using curtains.

Usually, these spaces are living rooms and master bedrooms. Such rooms usually have big full-height windows where you need maximum coverage with curtains. You can use a full-length curtain in such areas that are opaque and solid. This is again a case of rooms with extreme sunlight.


Rooms where after closing the window you get extreme sunlight and noise ( noise pollution, like having a flat near the main road). In such spaces, you have to cut down sunlight, and also you have to cut down the noise, you can go with the blackout curtains in such rooms. Blackout curtains usually have high insulation properties which are helpful in cutting the noise.

The fabric that can be used for blackout curtains is a heavy polyester fabric which is usually thick and heavy. These blackout curtains even fabric for these curtains are easily available in the market.


Making selection for curtains is never easy, hope these things atleast give you a perspective on how you can go about curtain selection initially. This can help make the process easier.
Also based on the categories, you can easily figure out which kind of room you have and how you can go about making curtain selection for the same.

I will be covering Design, Pattern, Texture, and Style of curtains in another article, look out for the same.

Stay Happy, Stay Creative !


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