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Planning Your Home Interiors? Don’t Let People Fool You


If you have made up your mind and “planning for home interiors?” You must consider these important factors, which are purely based on my personal & professional experience. I don’t want Designers/Companies/Firms to fool you. Because there are people who are completely business-oriented, they don’t care about your time and money. Some of them even do not care about their own reputation.

A lot of people plan to get interiors done for their home once in a lifetime, but they don’t know where to start and end up paying extra money for things that can be done in even a less amount.

I will share some very important things to keep in mind before planning your home interiors. Everything that I will share here is based on my personal experience. Also being an Architect/Interior Designer, I want to make people aware of, How things are exactly in this field. What should be the right approach for home interiors?

Hope you find everything helpful.


First, the very important thing to keep in mind is the budget. You need to fix the budget before you even think of getting interiors done for your apartment. If you have a small budget, decide what are important things as per your necessity on which you want to spend. For example – a TV unit with drawers and some storage is your requirement, wherein wall paneling for the same tv unit wall is not important if it doesn’t fit in your budget.

Set a clear budget, with a buffer, which you think can be extended if required.
For example – if you set your budget for 1 BHK apartment as 8 Lacs (excluding electronics and furniture, make sure 1 Lac you keep as a buffer if prices go high as per design, most of the time it goes higher).

So when hiring an Interior Designer, give them a budget of 6.7 – 7 Lacs, So they work out your requirements around that cost.


Deciding your style beforehand helps you a lot in the later designing process when you have to finalize designs and give approvals.

Make sure, you understand each and every single corner of your house and decide what are your requirements on the basis of this study. Understand the purpose of the space, it helps designers a lot in visualizing your requirements. Also, it helps you in decision-making quickly during the designing phase.


You should have two requirement lists. One is the initial requirements which are based on your daily activities, basically spaces and things you use on regular basis. For example – Kitchen, In the bedroom – Wardrobes, etc. Hope you understand my point here.

Another requirement list should be based on aesthetic features, design elements basically to make your home look put together ( Tv wall paneling, Bed backdrop wall treatments, other wall panels, mirror paneling, fixed furniture requirement, etc. )

Initially, you should give all your requirements to the designer, so that they can come up with an overall quotation for you. After you receive the quotation if it’s not in your budget. In that case, you have clarity about your major requirements and secondary requirements. So accordingly you tick off things from the quotation which you do not really require.

So this is how having a clear requirement helps you a lot in decision making. And also it speeds up the entire designing process of your apartment if you have a fixed timeline.


My very first suggestion to you for this point, “WHO TO HIRE” would be, Do not blindly go with the firm or company who is giving you the cheaper option, the minimum quotation. Take quotations from three to four or as many quotations you require. Then compare the prices, have an understanding about who is charging how much, and on what basis they are calculating a price for each requirement?

You need to have your own understanding in this case. Also, make sure to check the SQFT prices, whether they have given an SQFT costing or not. Are they giving LUMPSUMP amount? All these you need to compare and then make up your mind.

In this case, also the designing part plays a great role. Ask them for design options/examples, basically reference images ( what kind of design they make, do they have some style ). And see whether you liking the style of designs. Which company matches more with the kind of style you want in your house. Also always check the executed sites or ongoing sites where they are working currently.

This will help you understand the finishing and workmanship of the projects they have already done. All these things help you choose the Interior Designer / Firm / Company.


If you have a fixed timeline for moving into your apartment, tell the designer beforehand clearly. And make them understand, that you can’t afford to extend the timeline. They would generally tell you, work timeline increases by one or two weeks. So in that case set up your timeline beforehand. And start taking quotations from different companies before a month or two. So by the time you reach any conclusion about who you decide to go with, you will be on track with the timeline. Also, you will get enough time to understand the quote and various design factors, also you will understand a lot about materials.


From the beginning till the end, make sure you are transparent with your thoughts, and also understand how transparent the designer is with you? Are they answering all your questions? Do they have enough knowledge about the questions you are asking? How confident they are with their solutions? All these things matter, when you communicate with them. This also helps you in deciding the company you want to go with.

By communication, there is one more thing I would like to tell you here. This is after you decide to go with XYZ designer. Make sure you interact with them clearly about your requirements, your timeline, Budget &, etc. Whatever it is that you want, make sure you clearly communicate. Otherwise, lack of communication can create misunderstandings and it will cost you nothing but more delay in the completion of your project. Hence be mindful, do not miss even a single detail. And you surely do not want to be held responsible for the delay. So be clear about everything from your end.


Aah, everything summarizes this point. Beforehand knowledge not only gives you clarity about materials, designs, requirements, etc. It prevents you from people conning you. Because yes there are people who will conn you and make fool out of yourself. Such kinds of people are just business-oriented, they don’t value your time and money.
So it’s very important for you to understand what you are getting yourself into. You need to be able to question the designer’s back, so make sure you know enough about everything. Even if you know things, ask them questions. And taking multiple quotations from different companies and your interaction with them will help you a lot in understanding the process.
Do some research about the material, their types, prices. It will help you with understanding the quotations.


Once you took care of all the points mentioned above, and you are 100% sure about the designer you can work with, you can go ahead and sign up for the contract. Prior to finalizing, the next step would include a legal discussion of terms and conditions before making the advance payment. Make sure the contract mentions clearly, the budget, timelines, and responsibilities of both parties involved. This means the client and the designer.
In the end, I would only suggest, choose a designer who not only provides aesthetically brilliant designs but also gives cost-efficient solutions which fit your budget.

At last, be mindful, don’t let anybody fool you, because they can if you lack knowledge.

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Thank You for reading. Hope it helped you in some way or the other.

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